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Behind the scenes

Come behind the scenes and read about our story

Natural hair care from Denmark

Hairlust is a Danish hair care brand that is dedicated to preserving and enhancing natural beauty. Our focus lies on producing natural products for internal and external hair care, as well as accessories - all based on Scandinavian values.

Innovative, sustainable & transparent

Hairlust was founded in early 2017 with innovation, sustainability and transparency as its cornerstones. Based on these values, and by forming close bonds with our customers, Hairlust is here to stay. We have taken up the fight against large international conglomerates and their traditional hair care products.

Our focus is not just on internal or external hair care, but on the amazing synergy created by the combination. With a natural and holistic approach to hair care, our supplements, hair care products and accessories provide the best synergetic conditions for healthier hair.

We seek to be transparent and down to earth about our entire business and value chain. To do so, we are fully transparent about our raw materials and ingredients - no hiding of harsh chemicals. Customers should always have full insight into our business and production process.

You can rely on us

We are proud of our products and everything they stand for - from the natural and organic ingredients to the packaging that wraps them.

No decision is taken randomly or lightly. Every day we strive to offer the best hair care without frills.

That’s why we clinically test our products at independent laboratories for the highest quality assurance. We certify that our products are vegan and organic against strict standards. We use recycled plastic in our packaging. We stay far away from harmful or unwanted chemicals. We don’t use allergenic perfumes. We are certified climate neutral.

You can trust us. Our products provide you with the best hair care, no compromises.

Our history

Our two co-founders Sofie Tidemand and Rasmus Serup know first hand how much thin hair and hair loss can affect one's self-esteem. Particularly for women, the problem of hair loss is not as commonly discussed as it is for men.

As both Sofie and Rasmus entered their 20s, they started to notice how common the problem of hair loss became for both themselves, and the people around them.

Sofie had the typical thin and brittle Scandinavian hair, which was notoriously dry and full of split ends after she got extensions as a teenager. After the extensions, her hair never fully returned to its healthy starting point. Stressful work periods, a lack of sleep and exercise in combination with too little time to focus on nutrition didn’t help the situation either.

Like many men in their 20s, Rasmus’ friends began teasing each other about the early signs of receding hairlines and hair loss. More and more friends began wearing hats or beanies, even when it wasn't cold outside.

As you can probably tell, both co-founders could personally relate to the problems of hair loss and thin hair. Instead of accepting the taboo, wearing beanies and putting up with their hair affecting their self esteem, they decided to do something about it. Hair problems should no longer be subject to taboo, people need to know there are effective solutions and prevention methods. It doesn’t end there: they wanted to encourage open conversations around hair loss.

Founded by skeptics - developed for skeptics

After several years of work experience within the dietary supplements industry, Sofie and Rasmus identified new development opportunities for inner hair care due to an increased focus on inner beauty. The journey therefore started by carefully looking into the potential of a dietary supplement specifically tailored to hair. The potential turned out to be huge, many people were seeking a natural and healthy solution to hair problems.

Hairlust became a reality when it launched in early 2017. From that point onwards, things moved incredibly fast for Sofie and Rasmus. Today, an entire team works hard every day to help women and men achieve their healthy hair goals.

By raising awareness about issues like hair loss, dandruff, coloring mishaps, we are creating a dialogue amongst consumers about all sorts of hair problems. Although some problems may appear to be sensitive or private, we believe in stimulating conversations and helping each other wherever possible. 

We don’t just talk the talk, we also walk the walk. We take action and make a difference by creating innovative and sustainable products that actually work.

5 years with Hairlust

Explore our journey throughout the years


January 2017

Hairlust is Founded

Sofie and Rasmus began the Hairlust adventure with one product in its portfolio: a hair supplement for women.

March 2017

The First Production

With butterflies in our stomachs, we completed the first production cycle of 2,000 hair supplement bottles. This didn’t go without a hitch, the market for supplements is extremely regulated!

This first batch was also a learning process for us: after putting labels on all 2,000 bottles, we discovered a design flaw… So, we took them all off again and stuck on new labels. Oh well, there is a steep learning curve in entrepreneurship.

April 2017

The First Orders Roll In!

At this point, Hairlust only consisted of Sofie and Rasmus, who handled all tasks and functions of the business. This meant they were working around the clock to get all orders packed in their small living room.


January 2018

Launch of the Second Product

At these early stages of the company, all cost savings were made wherever possible. In true entrepreneurial spirit, this meant carrying the entire production up to a third floor apartment in Copenhagen.

More than a year passed before we launched our second product. The addition of the Hair Growth & Protection Mask meant that Hairlust now catered to both inner and outer hair care.

June 2018

We Launch Products for Men

With a strong focus on product development, 2018 was the year that our product range really began evolving.

At this point, our product range had already grown to 10 items!

June 2018

The Hairlust Family Grows

Until mid-2018, Sofie and Rasmus were handling all business operations by themselves. This however changed when the first employees were hired from June 1st, 2018! Before the year ended, the Hairlust family had grown to consist of 10 employees. We see this as the true turning point in our history - with more hands on deck, our growth began to truly take off.

November 2018

New Office

The Hairlust office moved to Kompagnistræde 16, in central Copenhagen. We had been located in a shared office for a while, but with the growth of the team came the need for our own space. Our warehouse was also moved to North Jutland, in northern Denmark, giving us the framework to scale production.


February 2019

Smile For the Camera!

With a large presence on social media, and a business plan that leans on our own webshop and content platform, it became increasingly important to continuously produce content. Therefore, we built our own photo studio right at the office.

June 2019

Our First Official Event

We invited the press to tell the Hairlust story and share more about our unique products.

June 2019

Press Tour in Scandinavia

We travelled to Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen to hold a range of press events and spread the word about Hairlust throughout Scandinavia.

September 2019

Hairlust is Launched in 10 Countries

The Hairlust team has reason for celebration: we launched our webshop in 10 markets! Our team, consisting of 10 nationalities, celebrated this in style with a fun team building event.

December 2019

1,000 Retailers in Denmark and Abroad

In addition to our own webshop in 10 countries, Hairlust is now recommended and sold by over 1,000 retailers in Denmark and abroad. These retailers include professional hair salons, pharmacies, beauty clinics and health shops.


January 2020

Celebrating Our Successes

We won a whopping 3 beauty awards in 2020 at prestigious Danish and international award ceremonies!

Award-Winning Haircare

Our products are recognised by the biggest critics in the beauty industry. These three products were the big winners of 2020.

March 2020

COVID-19 Makes the World Stand Still

What a turbulent time to be an entrepreneur. Suddenly the whole team was working from home and the office was empty. Our production capacity disappeared almost overnight, and 2020 was unfortunately marked by many product sell-outs.

September 2020

100,000 Customers

We have now surpassed 100,000 customers, wow! We are super excited about the support we are receiving on our journey and firmly establishing Hairlust on the market.


March 2021

Climate Neutral

We are very aware of our impact on the climate and are constantly seeking ways to improve on the sustainability front. We have therefore joined several initiatives and projects to reduce our climate footprint. Although we always focused on minimizing carbon emissions in our company, we have decided that it’s necessary to go the extra mile. We decided to fully offset our CO₂ emissions in order to become climate neutral. To do so, we donate to non-profit organisations (NGOs) that engage in comprehensive climate initiatives around the globe. Examples of projects we support are providing fuel-efficient stoves to people in Honduras, rainforest-preservation projects, tree planting, and a major renewable energy project in Thailand. Read more about our climate projects here

May 2021

Our Platform Gets a Major Relaunch

We launched a completely new online visual identity to reflect our evolution and represent the company we are today.

June 2021

Won Danish Beauty Awards!

Hairlust is this year's winner at the Danish Beauty Awards 2021. We are very proud to be the only brand to win not one, but two awards!

The following products won: Anti-Frizz & Hydration Pre-Shampoo Hair Balm is hair care product of the year, and the Scalp Massage Brush is beauty accessory of the year.

September 2021

We’re Moving!

In the beginning of September we moved from our cozy office on Kompagnistraede to a beautiful new space with more room for our growing team, products and ideas. Now, we’re looking onto the Christianshavn canals - one of a kind view! 

After our first month here, we can say: We love our new office with space for plants, products and a lot of inspiration!

A start of a new, exciting chapter…

November 2021

It’s Flooding with Awards

2021 is coming to an end, and what a year it has been! We've added a bunch of new awards to the stable. We won 3 beauty awards from Danish Costume Beauty Awards, we won Best Vegan Hair Care Brand in the Global Vegan Awards, we got nominated for EY Entrepreneur Of The Year in Denmark, and we won the prestigious Danish business award, Børsen Gazelle for remarkable growth. We’re very proud of where we’ve gotten and we couldn’t have done it without our loyal customers.


February 2022

New Year - New Markets

After some vacation, we came back with freshly charged batteries and ready to enter the new year - and new markets. By the end of February, we had four newly launched websites - Poland, France, China Mainland, and Taiwan.

The success didn’t stop there! We also won two awards at the Diamenty Beauty 2022. One for our Anti-Frizz & Hydration Pre-Shampoo Hair Balm and one for our Pure Bamboo Pillowcase.

March 2022

A Different Day at the Office

We have absolute stars working behind Hairlust everyday, and we wanted to bring them in front of the camera as well. So in March, one of the office days looked a bit different with a studio-set up and we recorded 10 different videos -  each in their local language.

The office day was filled with extra excitement and laughs (and nerves). But hey, everyone did amazing! 

To be continued...