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Your hair. Your story.™

22.09.2022. The start of a new era

Over the last 5 years, Hairlust has had an exciting journey of immense growth as a brand and a community. For more than a year now, we've been working on perfecting the ingredients of Hairlust - and it’s finally time to remove the shower curtain.

New look. Same principles.

Our logo has been to the salon for a well-deserved makeover. With our new look, we want to communicate and show what Hairlust is today; timeless, unisex, and modern. We maintain our principles to always stay transparent, holistic, and kind to everyone around us. Read more about our core values here.

Psst, looking at our shampoo and conditioner - can you see similarities between the packaging and the logo?

New Products. New Packaging.

Sustainability has been (and always is) a big focus when improving our products. We know that our product packaging has an impact on the environment and it was essential for us to find a material that is better for everyone.

Now, our product packaging is made of Post Consumer Recycled plastic (PCR), meaning that the material is made of waste and no new fossil resources are needed to produce the plastic. By using this type of material, rather than standard plastic, it contributes to our goal to reduce our CO2-emissions. We use recycled material that then can be recycled again.

PCR Plastic

All in all, it’s a circular material.

Oh, we’ve also said goodbye to our conditioner pumps. Now the packaging is soft enough that the product can be squeezed out of the bottle, rather than pumped. Easy peazy conditioner squeezy.

Now Broader. And Better.

We’ve enhanced our existing product lines, developed new product lines, and improved our packaging. All our products are formulated and filled with plant-based and organic certified ingredients. Good for you. Good for everyone.

Split Fix™ - Protect your hair against split ends and breakage with strengthening and moisturizing products, for a healthy looking and growing hair.

Grow Perfect™ - Fight hair loss by encouraging new hair growth, preventing shedding and breakage, and maintain a healthy look.

Curl Crush™ - Achieve shinier, smoother, and more defined curls with our hair products for curls. Plus, they’re all Curly Girl Method-approved!

Enriched Blonde™ - Brighten, moisturize, and strengthen the hair while preventing it from becoming dry and damaged with yellow, brassy tones. Whether you’re a natural blonde or a bleach blonde, this is for you.

Scalp Delight™ - Cleanse, exfoliate, stimulate and nourish your scalp and hair with scalp focused products that works for all hair types.

Wonder Beard™ - High-quality beard care for growing fuller, thicker, and healthier beard, filled with soothing and hydrating ingredients.

Styling - Look your best without compromising your hair-health with styling products for a sleek bun, smooth finish, a volumized flow, and heat protectants.

Bamboo Bedding & Accessories - Sustainable accessories for gentle brushing and silky, temperature regulating bedding for a well-deserved beauty.

Wear your hair proud. And Loud.

We hope that you like our products as much as we do, and don't be shy to share you hair journey and story with the rest of the world. Remember to tag @hairlust in your story telling, so we can go give it some love too. We are excited to be on this journey with all of you!