• HairLust - Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil
  • HairLust - Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil
  • HairLust - Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil
  • HairLust - Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil
  • HairLust - Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil
  • HairLust - Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil
  • HairLust - Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil
  • HairLust - Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil
  • HairLust - Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil

Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil

4.4 out of 5

100% naturally-derived, nourishing hair oil for dry or frizzy hair.

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About the product

Say goodbye to frizz. The Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil tames and nourishes your hair without a greasy feel. The secret? This silicone-free, 100% naturally derived hair oil contains six nutrient-rich oils that penetrate and hydrate your strands with lightweight moisture.

Free from silicones, sulfates, parabens and mineral oil.

How does it work?

This silicone-free hair oil formula includes six plant-based oils naturally derived from sunflower seeds, coconuts, jojoba seeds, avocados, sweet almonds, and rosehip seeds. These oils contain vitamins and minerals that help reduce frizz, hydrate, nourish, soften, and lock in moisture without creating a greasy feeling.

We also added shea butter esters, a plant lipid, to help revive very dry hair. Shea butter is also a rich source of antioxidants, as well as skin-replenishing fatty acids.

Suitable for all hair types, but especially for dry, frizzy, coarse, or curly hair types that are in need of a lot of moisture.


  • Made in Denmark
  • Organic certified
  • Made from recycled packaging
  • Vegan certified
HairLust - Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil

Key ingredients

    How to use

    You can use this organic hair oil in several ways in either dry or damp hair:

    • To provide maximum hydration: Use multiple drops as a pre-shampoo or overnight treatment for an extra nourishing moisture boost.
    • To add shine and style: A few drops of this silicone-free hair oil are perfect for styling dry or damp hair. It gives your strands a natural shine and softness.
    • To smooth frizz and flyaways: Smear a few drops on flyaway hair strands to tame frizz.

    Start with a few drops because you can always add more as you go!

    Customer reviews

    HairLust - Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil

    Frequently asked questions

    • Which hair types is it most suitable for?

      This ultra-nourishing hair oil is suitable for all hair types. It’s most beneficial for dry, frizzy, coarse, curly, or wavy hair types that need extra hydration.

    • Should I choose a hair oil with or without silicone?

      Silicones can create a topcoat over your hair strands to help them appear shinier. Damaged hair textures can even benefit from silicones, as it helps seal a broken hair shaft. However, silicones can also build up over time on your hair and block essential nutrients from penetrating your hair strands.

      Depending on your hair type, there are benefits to choosing products with and without silicones. If your hair is dry, coarse, or curly, we recommend using silicone-free, natural hair oil to provide much needed deep hydration and nourishment.

      If you are looking for a hair oil that makes your hair especially silky and shiny, we recommend opting for our Split Fix™ Hair Oil.It’s made with four organic nourishing oils and light-weight silicones to provide a smooth texture and gloss.

    • How should I use it?

      Our natural hair oil has many uses:

      • Overnight mask: An overnight mask can help nourish dry or damaged hair by providing a heavy amount of moisture to your strands. For best results, comb through any tangles, and then soak your hair in our organic hair oil blend, with more saturation at the mid-lengths and ends.
      • Pre-shampoo treatment: You can also use it as a lighter mask before shampooing and cleansing to provide added protection to your hair cuticle. Apply this oil to the desired areas and let it penetrate your hair strands for at least 10 minutes before washing.
      • Styling: You can apply our Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil to dry or damp hair for light styling and protection. Run the hair oil lightly through your mid-lengths and ends to help protect your strands and add shine.
      • Smooth texture: Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil can be used to smooth and tame frizzy flyaways after styling or throughout the day.
      • Split ends: Are your ends dry or brittle? Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil will give your split ends thirst-quenching hydration. Start by smoothing the oil over your ends and gently comb through it for an even application.
    • What else can I do to hydrate dry, frizzy hair?

      For best results, use this hair oil with the other hydrating products from our Moisture Hero™ series.

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