• HairLust - Vegan Bristle Brush
  • HairLust - Vegan Bristle Brush
  • HairLust - Vegan Bristle Brush
  • HairLust - Vegan Bristle Brush
  • HairLust - Vegan Bristle Brush
  • HairLust - Vegan Bristle Brush
  • HairLust - Vegan Bristle Brush
  • HairLust - Vegan Bristle Brush
  • HairLust - Vegan Bristle Brush

Vegan Bristle Brush

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Soft bristle hair brush with boar-like bristles for gentle detangling and styling.


About the product

This thoughtfully crafted bristle hair brush is perfect for gentle detangling and everyday styling of hair of all types and textures. It features soft, boar-like bristles that glide through your hair easily, detangling with minimum breakage and smoothing the cuticles for a polished look.

The vegan bristles distribute the natural oils produced by your scalp throughout the hair shaft. This natural conditioning helps to moisturize your hair, making it smoother and shinier.

This vegan and cruelty-free alternative to a boar bristle brush effectively detangles knots without causing breakage or damage, making it perfect even for fine and delicate hair. It features an air-cushioned bed that provides soothing massaging strokes while maintaining balanced combing tension.

Our Bamboo Hair Brushes are good for both your hair and the environment! The Vegan Bristle Hair Brush features an ergonomic, eco-friendly handle made of bamboo, ensuring a safe grip and comfortable brushing. Bamboo is an incredibly fast growing plant that doesn’t need harmful chemicals to grow, which makes it a more sustainable alternative to materials such as wood and plastic.

Measures 23cm x 8cm / 9in x 3in.


  • Sustainable materialSustainable materialSustainable material
  • Vegan ingredientsVegan ingredientsVegan ingredients
HairLust - Vegan Bristle Brush

Key ingredients

    How to use

    Brush hair gently to avoid damage to the hair strands and follicles. To detangle, begin by brushing the ends and gently working towards the roots.

    Exercise extra caution when dealing with wet hair, or opt for a Wet Hair Detangler Brush or the wide-tooth Bamboo Comb.

    To clean the brush, remove any hair from the pins and throw it in the trash. Use a comb or your fingers to gently remove hair caught in the bristles. Wash the brush with water and allow it to air dry with the bristles facing down.

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    "The reviews of these organic (miracle) products from Denmark don’t lie."


    "It's just easy! You can't discuss the contents - it just works!"


    "The hair gets renewed strength and stays on the head instead of ending up on the hair brush."

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    "Hairlust is serious when it comes to hair and has taken hair care to the next level."


    "Any hair care routine should contain Hairlust."


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