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12 Easy Summer Hairstyles from Festival Braids to Cute Up-Dos

Summer is here, and it's the perfect time to refresh your look with some fun and stylish hairstyles! Whether you're hitting the beach or gearing up for your favorite music festival, cute summer hairstyles are a must-have for keeping your hair looking fabulous and manageable.

In this post, I'll dive into the world of summery festival hairstyles, from the best braided hairstyles for summer to voluminous beach waves that will have you festival-ready in no time. From classic looks to trendy festival braids, I've got all the inspiration you need to turn heads and stay cool this season. Let's get styling!


7 Braided Hairstyles for Summer

Dive into my top picks for braided hairstyles that are perfect for all summer events. Whether you're lounging by the pool or dancing at a music festival, these braided hairstyles for summer will keep you stylish. From chic everyday looks to stunning festival braids, I've got you covered.

1. Boho Half-Up Festival Braids

Embrace the bohemian vibe with these stunning festival braids. To achieve this look, start by sectioning your hair. Secure the lower section in a ponytail while you focus on the top. Create a center part and work on each side separately.

Begin French braiding from the front of your hairline, working your way to the sides. Once you've gathered all the hair from one side, continue braiding normally down the length of your hair. Repeat on the other side.

After completing both braids, release the bottom section of your hair. For a touch of shine, apply some hair oil to the ends. Finish off with a few spritzes of non-aerosol hair spray.

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2. Easy Bubble "Braid"

Looking for easy festival braids? Try this bubble braid! While it mimics the look of a braid, it's actually crafted using small, clear elastics, making it a quick and fun option for your festival hairstyles.

Start by applying a little hair oil to add shine and smoothness. Gather your hair into a high ponytail, leaving out a few small front pieces. Next, add clear elastics down the length of the ponytail at approximately 5 cm (2 inch) intervals. To create the "bubbles," gently pull and puff out the sections of hair between each elastic.

Finish by locking in the hairstyle with some hair spray and a hair taming stick to smooth any flyaways. This bubble braid is perfect for adding a trendy touch to your festival braids collection.

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3. Summer Braid with a Twist

This unique braid adds a twist to traditional braided hairstyles for summer.

Start by brushing your hair and applying some hair oil for added shine. Gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. To conceal the hair tie, take a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base, securing it with a bobby pin.

Next, separate the ponytail into three sections. Take one of these sections and create a simple three-strand braid, securing the end with a small elastic. Now, combine the braided section with the other two loose sections and braid all three together. The small braid adds a unique twist to your braid, giving it an intricate look. This is an eye-catching addition to your repertoire of easy festival braids.

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4. Small Half-Up Braids

For a cute summer look, try these half-up festival braids. This easy braided hairstyle for summer is perfect for keeping your hair off your face while still showing off your lovely locks.

Start by refreshing your hair with a little powder dry shampoo. Next, take two small frontal sections of your hair from either side of your head and secure them into small ponytails using hair ties. Loop each ponytail through its respective hair tie, creating a twist. Then, take each twisted ponytail and braid it into two small three-strand braids. Secure the ends with small elastics.

Finish off by applying some hair spray to keep everything in place. These small half-up festival braids are a perfect addition to your collection of summer hairstyles, offering a simple yet stylish way to look fabulous all day long.

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5. Easy Twisted Festival Braids

This braided hairstyle for summer is perfect for those who want the look of braids without the complexity.

Start by applying some sun protection spray for hair and brush it through to ensure even distribution. Next, create two low ponytails behind your ears and secure them with elastics.

Add another clear elastic approximately 5-10 cm (2-3 inches) below each ponytail. To create the twist, loop the end of the ponytail through the middle section. Continue this process, adding elastics and looping the hair through, until you reach the ends of your ponytails. Gently pull the twisted sections apart to create a fuller, more relaxed look.

Finish off with a few spritzes of hair spray and use a styling stick to tame any flyaways. These super easy festival braids offer a stylish look that’s perfect for any summer adventure.

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6. Half-Braided Ponytail

Start creating this summer hairstyle either with wavy hair as on the video or straight locks for a more polished appearance. Section your hair into two parts: an upper and a lower section. Secure the lower section into a low ponytail with an elastic.

Next, take the upper section and start braiding it from the top down until you reach the base of the lower ponytail. Secure the end of the braid with a small elastic. To create a cohesive look, loop the ponytail of the lower section through the end of the braid, merging them together.

Finish by applying a sun protectant spray for hair to shield your locks from UV damage.

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7. Curly Braid with Face Framing

Embrace your natural curls with this stunning braided hairstyle for summer.

Start by pulling out some front pieces to frame your face. Next, apply a generous amount of curl gel to your roots. Brush your hair up into a high ponytail, gathering all your curls together. Once your hair is secured, braid it into a classic three-strand braid.

To define the front sections of your hair even further, use a curl refreshing spray combined with a bit of gel. Finally, use a curl defining brush or your fingers to shape the curls.

This is the perfect festival hairstyle for showcasing your natural curls while keeping them manageable.

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3 Voluminous Festival Hairstyles

Get ready to turn heads with these summer hairstyles that add a touch of bounce to your locks.

1. Bouncy Heatless Curls

This summer hairstyle is perfect for those seeking voluminous curls without the need for heat styling.

Begin by curling your hair using a heatless curls kit. Wrap your hair around it and let it work its magic for a few hours or even overnight. Once the curls have set, carefully remove the band from your hair. Gently detangle your hair with a brush or a wide-tooth comb, working from the ends up to the roots.

To enhance volume, apply a small amount of hair styling powder directly to the roots of your hair.

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2. Extra Voluminous Waves

To begin, apply a generous amount of volumizing mousse to your damp roots, focusing on the areas where you want to add volume. Use a brush to evenly distribute the mousse throughout your hair.

Next, grab your trusty hairdryer and start drying your hair. For maximum volume, flip your head upside down. Once your hair is dry, it's time to create those bouncy waves, whether you prefer a straightening iron, curling wand, or another styling tool.

To amp up the volume even further, reach for a hair powder. Apply the product directly to the roots of your hair and gently massage it into your roots with your fingertips to create long-lasting volume.

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3. Messy Beach Waves with Frontal Braids

Enjoy the laid-back elegance of this festival hairstyle!

Begin with wavy hair, achieved by leaving your hair in braids overnight or using a texturizing salt spray for instant waves. This provides the perfect foundation for the tousled look. To add volume and texture to your roots, apply a hair powder focusing on the crown and top sections. Next, lock in your beachy waves with a spritz of hairspray.

Finally, add a charming detail to your festival hairstyle with small braids. Take two small sections of hair from your hairline and create two simple braids using clear elastics to secure them in place.

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2 Easy Summer Up-dos

Elevate your summer style with these up-dos, offering a perfect blend of sophistication and ease for those sunny days.

1. Messy Bun

The messy bun is an effortlessly chic summer hairstyle perfect for any occasion.

Begin by creating a voluminous base for your bun by applying some hair powder to the roots of your hair. Next, section off the front parts of your hair, leaving them to frame your face. Gather the rest of your hair and pull it up into a high ponytail, securing it with an elastic. Use your hands to wrap your ponytail into a bun shape. Secure the bun in place either with a hair tie or with bobby pins, ensuring it feels secure but still has that effortless vibe.

Finally, apply a heat protectant to the loose sections of hair to shield them from any heat damage. Then, use a curling wand to create loose waves in the face framing sections.

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2. Sleek Bun

With its sophisticated appearance, the sleek bun is a classic. To begin, create a middle part in your hair. Pull out small sections of hair from the front to frame your face. Next, brush the rest of your hair backwards to create a sleek ponytail, ensuring there are no bumps. Use a hair wax to keep your hair in place. Then twist the ponytail into a bun at the back of your head and attach it firmly with bobby pins or a hair tie.

To add an extra touch, take half of the front sections of hair and pull them back onto the bun as well, creating a streamlined silhouette. Finally, use a hair styling stick and hair spray to smooth any remaining flyaways, ensuring your hair looks polished from every angle.

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The Best Products for Summer Hairstyles

The Best Products for Summer Hairstyles

To keep your hair looking fabulous and festival-ready all summer long, you need the right products in your beauty arsenal. In this section, I’ll explore the best products for summer festival hairstyles, ensuring you stay picture-perfect no matter how high the temperatures rise.

For Volume and Texture: Volume Wizard™ Hair Powder

Achieve instant body and texture with Volume Wizard™ Hair Powder, a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their festival hairstyles. This volumizing hair styling powder provides immediate lift and medium hold. Simply sprinkle a small amount onto your roots and massage it in with your fingertips to activate the product.

For a Quick Refresh: Refresh Powder™ Dry Shampoo

Stay fresh and fabulous with Refresh Powder™ Dry Shampoo, the ultimate solution for reviving your hair between washes. Perfect for summer festivals, this dry shampoo absorbs excess oil in seconds. Simply sprinkle it onto your roots and massage it in.

For Beachy Texture: Ocean Water Sea Salt Spray

Get that effortless beach look with Ocean Water Sea Salt Spray. It adds natural-looking texture, volume, and hydration to your hair, making it ideal for casual summer hairstyles. To use, simply spritz it onto damp or dry hair. Scrunch your hair with your hands to enhance the waves for a relaxed finish.

For Damage-free Curls: Bamboo Heatless Curls Kit

Achieve beautiful, bouncy curls without the heat damage with the Bamboo Heatless Curls Kit, a perfect tool for creating gorgeous festival hairstyles. The bamboo material is gentle on your hair, reducing breakage and frizz while promoting smooth curls.

For Gentle Detangling and Styling: Bamboo Brushes

Ensure your hair stays tangle-free with Bamboo Brushes, designed for gentle detangling and versatile styling. Crafted from sustainable bamboo and vegan materials, these brushes are perfect for all hair types and styling needs.

For Sun Protection: Sun Defense Hair Mist

Shield your hair from the harsh summer sun with Sun Defense Hair Mist, a must-have for protecting your locks from UV damage. This lightweight spray helps prevent dryness, color fading, and brittleness caused by prolonged sun exposure. To use, simply spray it evenly onto dry or damp hair before heading out into the sun.

For Defining Curls: Curl Crush™ Defining Cream + Gel

Enhance and define your natural curls with Curl Crush™ Defining Cream and/or Gel, the perfect products for achieving beautifully sculpted and frizz-free curls that last all day. Ideal for festival-goers with curly hair, they ensure your curls stay hydrated and defined even in the summer heat.

For Shine and Hydration: Hair Oils

Achieve radiant, healthy-looking hair with the perfect finishing touch from hair oils. Whether you need extra shine, smoothness, or deep hydration, these oils are essential for keeping your hair luscious and vibrant throughout the summer. Choose between the Split Fix™ Hair Oil for a glossy, smooth finish or the Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil for 100% natural hydration.

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With these stunning summer hairstyles and the best products to achieve them, you'll be ready to shine at any event. Embrace the season with confidence, knowing your hair will look fabulous and stay healthy all summer long.

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