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How to Tame Dry, Frizzy Hair: 9 Proven Tips For Frizz Control

It is a universally acknowledged truth: everyone experiences frizzy hair to some degree. Yes, even Kendall Jenner has frizzy hair days. And while frizz is totally normal and natural, sometimes we want our hair to look smooth and sleek. But even when we use frizz control products, we still have frizzy hair (especially on wet and humid days!). What gives?

One reason for dry and frizzy hair may be that you’re not using the right products (more on that later). But the number one reason you’re still experiencing frizzy hair is that your grooming and styling routine is not optimized for frizz control.

Ready to beat dry and frizzy hair once and for all? Keep reading for our top tips on frizz control and the best products for frizzy hair.


What Causes Frizzy Hair?

In order to effectively tame and get rid of frizzy hair, it is important to understand what frizzy hair actually is. It can be confusing to distinguish dry, frizzy hair from damaged hair as their appearance can be similar. But the fact is that frizzy hair is usually just dehydrated, unlike damaged hair where the hair shaft is actually damaged.

Hair types play a crucial role when it comes to frizzy hair. The hair types most prone to frizz include curly and fine hair. People with naturally curly hair often experience dryness because the natural oils from the scalp have a harder time spreading along the curls compared to straight hair. However, even straight hair can suffer from frizz, especially when it is dry or the air humidity is high.

Another reason for dry and frizzy hair is, if your hair is damaged or dry which results in the cuticle (AKA the outer, protective layer) of the hair strand to lift, allowing moisture to enter and plump up the strand. When the hair strand plumps, it becomes dry, frizzy and unruly. Bummer.

If you have dry and frizzy hair, these may be some contributing factors:

Frizzy Hair Culprit #1: You Have Curly and/or Fine Hair

The curlier your hair, the more prone it will be to frizz. Why? Because curly hair tends towards dryness, which leads to frizz.

Fine or thin hair is also more prone to frizz. Because these hair types have less weight, the frizz isn’t “weighed down” and can really go crazy. But even if you have curly, fine hair, you can still have smooth hair by following our frizz control tips below (and using the best products for dry and frizzy hair!).

Frizzy Hair Culprit #2: Your Shower is Too Hot

We love a hot shower as much as the next person, but unfortunately, hot shower temperatures aren’t great for frizz control. Hot water raises the cuticle of the hair shaft, drying out the hair and causing it to seek moisture (which results in frizzy hair).

You don’t need to stick to ice baths, however. Just turn the temperature down a little bit so it’s more “warm” than “scalding hot”.

Frizzy Hair Culprit #3: You’re Using the Wrong Shampoo

You probably don’t need us to tell you this, but not all shampoos are created equal! Many shampoos are formulated with ingredients like drying alcohol and harsh sulfate that dry out your hair, leaving it prone to frizz.

To control frizzy hair, choose sulfate-free shampoos formulated with glycerin, which acts as a humectant. Translation? The glycerin creates a protective coating around the hair, preventing frizz.

Hint: there’s no need to examine the ingredient label of every shampoo at the drugstore. We have recommendations for the best products for frizzy hair below.

(Read more about the link between dry hair and your choice of shampoo and about hair porosity.)

Frizzy Hair Culprit #4: You’re Washing Your Hair Too Often

Even the best shampoos for frizzy hair can still dry hair out when used too often. Washing your hair every day (or multiple times per day!) strips your hair of its natural moisture, leaving it dry and frizzy.

To maximise frizz control, shampoo your hair no more than 3 to 4 times per week. If you absolutely must get your hair wet between shampoos, try co-washing, meaning washing your hair with conditioner alone.

Using dry shampoo is a great way to skip a day or two before washing your hair. Just make sure to choose a natural dry shampoo​​ that is good for the health of your hair, scalp and the environment. My favorite is the non-aerosol Refresh Powder™ Dry Shampoo​​ based on 99% natural ingredients, like kaolin clay, aloe vera and oat extract.

Frizzy Hair Culprit #5: You’re Going Overboard with Your Flat Iron

Just as hot shower temperatures open up your cuticles, so do heat styling tools. If you’re using heat tools often or (gasp) not using a heat protectant before styling, you definitely have a recipe for dry and frizzy hair on your hands.

Frizzy Hair Culprit #6: You’re Using a Cotton Towel

Your fluffy cotton towels? They may work great for drying off after a shower, but they can also wreak havoc on your hair. Rubbing wet hair with a cotton towel roughs up the cuticle of the hair shaft, leaving you with frizzy hair.

Frizzy Hair Culprit #7: You Brush Your Hair Too Much

Like friction from cotton towels can cause frizzy hair, so too can brushing your hair too much. While brushing your hair is important for detangling and evenly distributing natural oils, too much brushing can roughen the hair cuticle and lead to dry and frizzy hair.

Stick to brushing your hair twice a day for help with frizz control and always brush as gently as possible. Also, try to minimise brushing on wet hair. Hair is most fragile when it’s wet and brushing in this state can snap the delicate strands, causing damage and breakage. No thanks! To detangle wet hair, use a wet brush or a wide-tooth comb specially made for brushing wet hair (or use a very gentle hand!).

9 Proven Tips for Frizz Control

While having frizzy hair is totally normal, we know that sometimes you want to achieve a smooth, frizz-free look. Maybe your dry and frizzy hair is caused by damage and you’d like your hair to be healthier. No matter what, these frizz control tips are your new game plan for softer, sleeker hair.

1. Start with a Frizz-Proof Haircut

Start with a Frizz-Proof Haircut

First things first: get rid of any split ends. Split ends can travel up the hair shaft, causing even more damage and frizz. Keeping your hair healthy by getting regular trims is key to frizz control.

Hint: if you live in an especially humid climate, consider getting a haircut with blunt ends. This will help weigh down your hair and control frizz.

2. Use a Shampoo for Frizzy Hair

Like we said before, make sure that your shower temperature is warm rather than boiling hot. Then choose a shampoo formulated with hydrating glycerin and Aquaxyl™ for frizz control, like Moisture Hero™ Shampoo. It leaves hair shiny, smooth and frizz-free without making it feel weighed down or heavy.

3. Conditioner is Your Best Friend 

We cannot reiterate this enough: NEVER skip conditioner after shampooing. As we said before, even the best shampoos leave your hair somewhat dry. Conditioners are formulated to complement shampoos, infusing the hair with any moisture it may have lost in the wash (that’s why shampoo and conditioner are often sold as a two pack!). Not only does this keep your hair healthy, but it also has the added benefit of frizz control.

Any conditioner is better than no conditioner at all, but if you have dry, frizzy hair, you need a moisturizing conditioner that strengthens hair in addition to hydrating it. I recommend Moisture Hero™ Conditioner, which is formulated with natural botanicals from organic aloe vera, cocoa butter, jojoba and pomegranate to nourish hair from the outside-in with lightweight moisture.

4. Use a Frizz Controlling Treatment Mask

In addition to your usual shampoo and conditioning routine, you’ll also want to add a frizz control mask into the mix. Once per week, work Moisture Hero™ Hair Mask through damp, freshly-washed hair. Allow the product to absorb for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing out. This deep-moisturizing treatment is formulated with ultra-nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, cacao seed butter and jojoba oil that infuse dry, frizzy hair with moisture.

5. Dry Smart

Dry Smart

We already told you that drying your hair with a cotton towel can mean frizz city once your hair dries. The solution? The Bamboo Hair Towel Wrap. Bamboo fibers are smoother than cotton fibers and far more absorbent, so your hair dries more quickly and with less frizz. A win-win! Plus, bamboo is a more eco-friendly material.

6. Upgrade Your Bedding

Upgrade Your Bedding

Just as cotton towels can dry out your hair, so can cotton pillowcases. If you’ve ever woken up with messy, frizzy hair (AKA bedhead), you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Luckily, the answer to this frizzy hair problem is very simple. Just swap out your regular pillowcase with a Silky Bamboo Pillowcase. It’s an easy way to incorporate frizz control into your routine while you sleep. As an added bonus, bamboo is also better for your skin, so you’ll wake up with more hydrated skin in the morning.

Add in a matching Silky Bamboo Duvet Cover and I'll guarantee the most amazing beauty sleep.

7. Protect with Leave-in Conditioner

Protect with Leave-in Conditioner

To keep your hair frizz-free throughout the day apply a leave-in conditioner with frizz control properties like Split Fix™ Leave-in Conditioner. Loaded with nourishing plant extracts, this leave-in conditioning treatment drenches hair strands in hydration to prevent split ends, frizz, and knots.

8. Sleep On It

Sleep On It

If you have a serious case of frizzy hair, you’ll need a serious frizz control solution. This is where our Moisture Hero™ Pre-Shampoo Balm comes in. This moisture-boosting treatment has a unique balm-to-oil formula that melts into dry, frizzy hair. Naturally hydrating ingredients like shea butter, organic olive extract, jojoba seed oil, and sunflower seed oil infuse hair with moisture and nutrients that leave it stronger, softer, and smoother.

For majorly frizzy hair, we recommend applying Moisture Hero™ Pre-Shampoo Balm to dry hair before bed and sleeping on our Bamboo Towel Pillowcase. You’ll wake in the morning with glossy, frizz-free hair!

9. Use Oils for Frizz Control

Use Oils for Frizz Control

Nothing is worse than styling your hair to perfection, only for frizz to pop up later in the day. We feel your pain and that’s why we created Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil. This silicone-free, 100% naturally derived hair oil contains six nutrient-rich oils that penetrate and hydrate your strands with lightweight moisture.

To smooth frizz and flyaways smear a few drops of oil on flyaway hair strands.

And if you have fine hair, don’t worry. These frizz-fighting oils are lightweight and won’t weigh your hair down or leave it greasy-looking!

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My top 4: Best Products for Dry and Frizzy Hair

Did you get all that? To summarise, these are our best products for frizzy hair and frizz control (and how to use them):

1. Moisture Hero™ Duo

Wash hair no more than 3 to 4 times per week with Moisture Hero™ Shampoo, which is formulated with glycerin and other hydrating ingredients for frizz control. Follow with Moisture Hero™ Conditioner, which infuses hair with natural moisture. Between washes, apply Split Fix™ Leave-in Conditioner for extra hydration.

2. Moisture Hero™ Hair Mask

Once per week, apply Moisture Hero™ Hair Mask to clean, damp hair. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Follow with Moisture Hero™ Conditioner and another rinse before styling.

3. Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil

Apply this deep hydrating treatment to tame and nourish frizzy and dry hair without a greasy feel. This multi-use, silicone-free hair oil can be used both on dry or wet hair - before of after washing your hair.

4. Moisture Hero™ Pre-Shampoo Balm

For the ultimate frizz control treatment, apply this balm to frizzy hair before bedtime. Then wash hair in the morning using Moisture Hero™ Duo.

Now that you know how to tame frizzy hair with our top frizz control tips and the best products for frizzy hair, it’s time to show your hair who’s boss!

Has Hairlust helped you with frizz control? Show us your results! Upload your before and after pics to Instagram and tag us at @hairlust.

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